Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Snow Walker

Just watched the last half of a really good movie called the Snow Walker. The movie is based on the novel "Walk Well My Brother" by Farley Mowat, I will have to see if I can't get the book to read. The landscape (scenery) in this movie was stunning. I admit while I know this kind of landscape to be harsh and unforgiving seeing this movie creates a deep desire to move to the north country.

It is refreshing to watch a movie that is about the soul. Here is the link for the movie:

Friday, September 30, 2005

Fall is here

Well at least the wind is starting to come out of the north, yesterday it was coming out of the south. Pretty odd for this time of year. We were out taking pics today, here's a good one of the mature field corn.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Buffalo II


I wanna own about seven hundred thousand acres of prairie so I can have buffalo, prairie dogs, elk and other prairie beauties! I'm done in for the rest of my life now, yesterday I was so close to a buffalo I could have touched him, which I didn't dare do - these are highly unpredictable and dangerous animals. Gorgeous, incredibly gorgeous! Massive, I've never seen an animal with a head that large before.

New Loom

Have you ever felt that by one single action that all was well with the world again, like the space time continuum was put back into place? Well it did for me yesterday, when I said yes I would take the loom. John and I drove to Ottumwa and bought a used LeClerc loom in mint condition. (It's my birthday present) The owner is moving to Florida and needed to downsize. She included a bunch of weaving books, many out-of-print books and a slug of yarn, mostly expensive wools and linens with the loom. The standard shuttles and extra heddle stuff came with the loom as well. It's a four harness and is 42" wide.

What I love. Why am I not doing what I love and what I do best? I don't know that is an excellent question. I supposed I am bogged down by daily tasks, that a fledgling business demands. Why am I not doing those things for the business? Simple I have no one to help me, the things that I do best, the things I love most are incredibly labor intensive, I need help with everything else if those things are to get done. Dyeing, painting, printmaking of fabric and fibers, and then turning them into exquisite pieces of fiber art.

The new loom will serve me well, part of my art has not existed for lack of a loom. I use many techniques to arrive at a final piece of art. Now I can create again and I can finish what I have started, I have my tools now.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

More Bees

Here's a bee on the garlic chives, that are no more.


Here's a pic of a thistle that is growing in my backyard. The hummingbirds and bumble bees are in love with this plant. I do believe that they like my gourd blossoms a lot also. I haven't seen a single honey bee this year.

Thyroid & Insulin Resistance

I've recently become interested in alternative medicine. Well not all that recent, but now I'm willing to try something different. My thyroid is showing symptoms of stopping, hwoever my doctor keeps telling me that my thyroid is fine. Funny I have an aunt with no thyroid at all, she had thyroid cancer as a young woman, and her thyroid readings always come back as being normal.

So I've decided to take matters into my own hands. I'm hoping that through a radical diet change, and maybe a lifestyle change as well, I'll be able to help my thyroid out a little. This could be mere wishful thinking, but I'm hoping.

I've been told repeatedly is that soy interferes with thyroid production. I"m already allergic to soy, but find more and more sources of it in manufactured foods every day. Half the time they - the food manufacturers- don't even have to tell you it's there, they just call it protien. It's up to you the consumer to know what that means. So I'll be posting links to what I hope are informative or at least helpful.

Mind you if my doctor told me today that my thyroid was shutting down and that I needed to take a supplement I'd be on that like flies on honey! But I doubt I'll hear those words from her for quite some time.

Diabetes also runs in the family, I'm already hypoglycemic, suffer from low blood sugar. Since the endocrine regulates the thyroid and the pancreas I think it'll be well worth the effort.

Yellow Leaves

If I can figure out how to post pics to this blog I'll post a pic of my neighbors tree, the leaves are shock yellow.

Here's pics of my garlic chives, hubby cut them down about 20 minutes later, they are quite prolific in their ability to spread seeds! I have them growing every where, mainly places where I don't want them.

What's worse is I can't seem to get their roots out of the ground and they are taking over my herb garden, what a mess that is, I'm not even sure what's in it anymore, other than sage and mint.


I love winter, in fact I'd be the first person to tell you that I live too far south. If I had my way about it we'd be in Alaska right now. With that said my dad tells me that the Farmers Almanac states that we will have a mild winter. Hmmmmmmmmm I don't think so. Summer came way to early this year, and it's cool out now, very unusual for this time of year in Iowa.

So I'm working on making some new mittens out of old recycled wool sweaters, maybe a hat or two will materialize. I want to make some throws while I'm at this. With the coming fuel crisis, real or not, I have plans to keep my house cool this winter, to keep my costs down. That means wool to the rescue. I love wool anyway so this won't be too much of a stretch for me. Dad is coming to live with us in November, I sure hope he likes wool, cuz if he doesn't he's going to be a might bit chilly! I will need to make him a wool vest, DH and I each have one already, I love them! We both have two wool shirts each, DH has an Alaska Shirt (Woolrich) and it's really really heavy, I need to get one - or find the wool fabric to make one that weight - for myself.

Someday we are going to have to figure out how to put an alternative heat source in this house. I'd love to have a wood furnace/wood stove but dont' want to be limited to just wood, or just corn. It'd be nice to have a stove that burned more than one type of fuel - who knows cow patties may be in vogue as a fuel source someday!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

About this Blog

I am about the most politically incorrect person you will ever meet. I don't go out of my way to be rude, racist, or anything like that. I am very accepting of other peoples, thier beliefs, even if I don't believe them myself, their lifestyles - just don't tell me about your sex life please.

I refuse to be apologetic for simply being white. Actually looks are decieving because I'm not 100% white. And this is a lot of what makes me un-PC.

Recent experiences have taught me that it's just not just whites that are racists. Case in point I was looking at NA herbal books, at my local Borders, when a young NA man proceeded to say all sorts of hateful things about me, while I was sitting in front of him, like I couldn't even hear. Most of the comments were directed at my whiteness and how fat I was. He then proceeded to inform his wife, I do believe she was his wife, that he could teach all of this "stuff" (ok I left out some really nasty adjetives he used) at the University. I inwardly chuckled when she softly chided him, telling him "not with an attitude like that".

I really wanted to tell this young man that not everything is as it seems. But I didn't as I knew it would only fall upon deaf ears. I also wanted to point out his racist, discriminatory comments, again I knew it would only fall upon deaf ears.

A preacher years ago gave a sermon about loving your enemy. He stated that loving your enemy is not only loving those who do wicked things to you. Loving your enemy, as Christ commanded, also extended to those you don't like and to those you disagree with, be it politics, religion or lifestyle. My husband always wants to argue this one with me, but I believe that the preacher was right. Love is loving some one exactly as they are with no expectations what so ever. This is the hardest thing for most people to understand, and it's the biggest hurdle towards any sort of peace that the peace mongers harp about.

Tolerance won't get you there. Tolerance is such an ugly word anyway, I mean to simply tolerate someone one, implies temporary-ness anyway. Only love will get you there, and in order to love others you can't focus on yourself anymore, something this culture will never understand.

There are days when the bowels of Alaska and the wilds of the Yukon look very inviting.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Wisdom Keepers

Be still, and know that I am God; Psalm 46:10

I think this has to be the hardest thing for humans. Being still. Being quite. Listening to the silence.

Gourd Questions

Or maybe it's just an observation. - I posted this on a chat list earlier.

I planted my gourd seeds back in early June, zone 3-4 (USDA says 5 but I"m not buying it). We had a weird May this year, a couple of heavy frosts and one major freeze, rather late in the month. The plants were mowed off once by accident.

They are now very viney and very leafy with lots of blossoms. Do I need to quench the vine growth at this point, like I would the tomatoes and grapes, to encourage fruit growth? Nature is indicative of an early hard winter this year. I'm concerned that continued vine growth will prevent gourd formation, size and wall thickness.

Another obsevation. The Blue Jays came through early this year, about a month or so actually - flying south. Their tree had been cut down due to whatever. Needless to say they roosted in my Maple tree this year and they were not happy with the demise of their tree. I wish I had had my digital camera charged, they were here mere hours.

Friday, August 05, 2005


Eventually I will learn how to post pictures to this blog as well. I've been posting pictures of the sky on my other blog Natural Dye Journal.

Once I get all of this dual blog stuff figured out I'll start posting to this blog. My other blog is supposed to be about natural dyeing, and everything connected with that area. Somehow it seems as if everything is getting dumped into that blog exclusively.


Bird was eating my grapes tonight, all of them actually, and I think she was enjoying herself tremedously. Tomorrow I'll try to pick what is left hoping I have enough to make some jelly.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Found it!

Bingo I found it! Ok we're off and running and I lost the black background color to boot.
Subject line

I can't figure out where the subject line box is at on this particular blog, and it's quite maddening. I must of missed something in the set up.