Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I love winter, in fact I'd be the first person to tell you that I live too far south. If I had my way about it we'd be in Alaska right now. With that said my dad tells me that the Farmers Almanac states that we will have a mild winter. Hmmmmmmmmm I don't think so. Summer came way to early this year, and it's cool out now, very unusual for this time of year in Iowa.

So I'm working on making some new mittens out of old recycled wool sweaters, maybe a hat or two will materialize. I want to make some throws while I'm at this. With the coming fuel crisis, real or not, I have plans to keep my house cool this winter, to keep my costs down. That means wool to the rescue. I love wool anyway so this won't be too much of a stretch for me. Dad is coming to live with us in November, I sure hope he likes wool, cuz if he doesn't he's going to be a might bit chilly! I will need to make him a wool vest, DH and I each have one already, I love them! We both have two wool shirts each, DH has an Alaska Shirt (Woolrich) and it's really really heavy, I need to get one - or find the wool fabric to make one that weight - for myself.

Someday we are going to have to figure out how to put an alternative heat source in this house. I'd love to have a wood furnace/wood stove but dont' want to be limited to just wood, or just corn. It'd be nice to have a stove that burned more than one type of fuel - who knows cow patties may be in vogue as a fuel source someday!!!

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