Tuesday, August 30, 2005

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I am about the most politically incorrect person you will ever meet. I don't go out of my way to be rude, racist, or anything like that. I am very accepting of other peoples, thier beliefs, even if I don't believe them myself, their lifestyles - just don't tell me about your sex life please.

I refuse to be apologetic for simply being white. Actually looks are decieving because I'm not 100% white. And this is a lot of what makes me un-PC.

Recent experiences have taught me that it's just not just whites that are racists. Case in point I was looking at NA herbal books, at my local Borders, when a young NA man proceeded to say all sorts of hateful things about me, while I was sitting in front of him, like I couldn't even hear. Most of the comments were directed at my whiteness and how fat I was. He then proceeded to inform his wife, I do believe she was his wife, that he could teach all of this "stuff" (ok I left out some really nasty adjetives he used) at the University. I inwardly chuckled when she softly chided him, telling him "not with an attitude like that".

I really wanted to tell this young man that not everything is as it seems. But I didn't as I knew it would only fall upon deaf ears. I also wanted to point out his racist, discriminatory comments, again I knew it would only fall upon deaf ears.

A preacher years ago gave a sermon about loving your enemy. He stated that loving your enemy is not only loving those who do wicked things to you. Loving your enemy, as Christ commanded, also extended to those you don't like and to those you disagree with, be it politics, religion or lifestyle. My husband always wants to argue this one with me, but I believe that the preacher was right. Love is loving some one exactly as they are with no expectations what so ever. This is the hardest thing for most people to understand, and it's the biggest hurdle towards any sort of peace that the peace mongers harp about.

Tolerance won't get you there. Tolerance is such an ugly word anyway, I mean to simply tolerate someone one, implies temporary-ness anyway. Only love will get you there, and in order to love others you can't focus on yourself anymore, something this culture will never understand.

There are days when the bowels of Alaska and the wilds of the Yukon look very inviting.

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