Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Beauty

I believe this is Spring Beauty (Claytonia lancelota) but I could be wrong the leaves are a bit narrow but after last years floods and this past winter being so bitter anything is possible at this point. There were only two sepals on each blossom, will know more by the weekend as more things will be in bloom.



Soper's Mill on the north trail.

Hepatica in Bloom

A fleeting beauty and a wonderously timed walk in the woods. Hepatica blooms for about a day maybe two and then the show is over. Today was my lucky blessed day as there was hepatica and everywhere in full showy bloom!

I don't remember if I was out early enough last year to find hepatica in bloom or not, the blossoms look like a lot of other small flowers in bloom right now.

Scarlet Cup or Sarcoscypha Coccinea

Sarcoscypha Coccinea or Scarlet Cup (ascomycetes)
Found this guy sticking out of the ground, poked gently at first with a small twig to see if it was a plant or not. Once I ascertained that it was a fungus I dug out the stick it was attached for better photographing ops. I put it back where I found it, in the mud under some oak leaves. Taken at Soper's Mill on the north trail.

Spring has Sprung in Iowa

Two weekends ago.