Sunday, August 07, 2005

Gourd Questions

Or maybe it's just an observation. - I posted this on a chat list earlier.

I planted my gourd seeds back in early June, zone 3-4 (USDA says 5 but I"m not buying it). We had a weird May this year, a couple of heavy frosts and one major freeze, rather late in the month. The plants were mowed off once by accident.

They are now very viney and very leafy with lots of blossoms. Do I need to quench the vine growth at this point, like I would the tomatoes and grapes, to encourage fruit growth? Nature is indicative of an early hard winter this year. I'm concerned that continued vine growth will prevent gourd formation, size and wall thickness.

Another obsevation. The Blue Jays came through early this year, about a month or so actually - flying south. Their tree had been cut down due to whatever. Needless to say they roosted in my Maple tree this year and they were not happy with the demise of their tree. I wish I had had my digital camera charged, they were here mere hours.

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