Tuesday, September 20, 2005

New Loom

Have you ever felt that by one single action that all was well with the world again, like the space time continuum was put back into place? Well it did for me yesterday, when I said yes I would take the loom. John and I drove to Ottumwa and bought a used LeClerc loom in mint condition. (It's my birthday present) The owner is moving to Florida and needed to downsize. She included a bunch of weaving books, many out-of-print books and a slug of yarn, mostly expensive wools and linens with the loom. The standard shuttles and extra heddle stuff came with the loom as well. It's a four harness and is 42" wide.

What I love. Why am I not doing what I love and what I do best? I don't know that is an excellent question. I supposed I am bogged down by daily tasks, that a fledgling business demands. Why am I not doing those things for the business? Simple I have no one to help me, the things that I do best, the things I love most are incredibly labor intensive, I need help with everything else if those things are to get done. Dyeing, painting, printmaking of fabric and fibers, and then turning them into exquisite pieces of fiber art.

The new loom will serve me well, part of my art has not existed for lack of a loom. I use many techniques to arrive at a final piece of art. Now I can create again and I can finish what I have started, I have my tools now.

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